Transform yourself into a magnet for success, wealth, happiness and meaningful relationships

Imagine how your life would be if you could effortlessly manifest anything you want into existence:

  • a loving committed relationship that brings romantic dinner nights, shared adventures and meaningful heart moments
  • the ideal job that brings out your highest potential
  • your own business that gets you out of the 9to5 and into the world of creative freedom and financial independence
  • traveling the world to experience new cultures, people and places
  • money that makes you free of worry and give you the freedom to buy anything and any time

Enter the realm of miracles with the power of Manifestation.

To Manifest means to bring something into your physical reality through thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Most of us do not use thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to create what we want in life. The contrary is true.

Most of us are stuck in repetitive thought, feeling and belief cycles which causes us to never actually change anything about our lives and being stuck in the same situations.

But what if I tell you that all it takes to change your life is to change your thoughts? What if I tell you that all you need to do to create anything you want is to do some little shifts here and there and the very thing you wanted for so long will appear in no time?

You may wonder how do I do that? Just changing my thoughts seems so easy and honestly, I tried that before and it didn't work. And you are not the first person telling me this.

I know. And I have experienced the same frustration that you feel. For years I have studied and tried to change my life around. Being stuck in a 9to5, depended on my parent's support and living in a big city, I tried so much positive focus to get out of there but it didn't work BECAUSE

I was missing a tiny piece that made a huge difference. As soon as I found that tiny missing piece, things started to magically work out. I was in shock and my social circle was impressed. "How did you do that? How is that possible?" And that time I didn't really know what exactly it was but now I KNOW!

And you will learn the tiny secret and the magical sweet spot of creation in this course!

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Course Overview

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Instruction
  • 2

    Manifestation Toolbox

    • Intro
    • Building Faith
    • Getting Clear
    • 4 Step Process
    • Daydreaming
    • Visualization
    • Journaling
    • What If
    • Positive Focus done correctly
    • BONUS: Use intentions to Manifest with Amanda from Createyourfuture
  • 3

    Resolving emotional Blocks

    • Fundamental Understanding
    • Meditation
    • Accept the unacceptable
    • Letting go of Emotional Blocks
  • 4


    • Why negative thoughts don't manifest negative events
    • Understanding and Resolving Resistance
    • Healing Past Trauma
    • Signs you have healed and did the work correctly
  • 5

    Manifestation Lifestyle

    • How and when to take action
    • When and when not to Manifest
    • How to Let go
    • Bringing it all together

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Your Coach

Lorelle Dehnhard

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Lorelle Dehnhard

I have been working as a professional international coach since 2017. Over the years I coached clients in Mexico, the US, Germany, and other countries applying the power of their minds to create a transformation in their life and work. Based on my background in business and marketing and my experience working in startups and successful companies, I experienced some of the challenges of the modern business world. That's why I assist entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees to create inner peace, mental clarity, and fulfillment.